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Trodat Clothing Stamp

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Trodat's clothing marker is the perfect product for durably marking textiles such as children's clothing or shirts.


With the Trodat clothing marker your clothes are marked in a jiffy. It's especially practical for children's clothing or shirts


Emphasis was placed on the simplest operation during the clothing marker's construction. 


The special textile ink used is absolutely non-toxic. Standards of hygiene are also taken care of: the imprint can be washed up to 90 °C.

Extra replacement ink pads also available.

Only available in black ink


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Here are some handy tips to extend your stamp’s life:

  • When not in use pop the stamp in a ziplock bag or plastic container (that seals) – then pop the stamp in the fridge.
  • Be sure to keep it away from excess heat, water / moisture.
  • Clothing ink refills are useful but will not work if your stamp ink pad has dried out, in that situation a replacement ink pad is recommended. All available online on www.honeybunch.co.za
  • Another tip, not storage related is if you intend stamping dark clothing then stamp onto a white satin ribbon then sew it on the dark item.
  • Stamps will wash out over time and many months but one will be able to re-stamp the item again.