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Satin Pillowcases

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Sleep your way to beauty with a Satin Pillowcase from Honeybunch!

The benefits of sleeping on Satin pillowcases were recognised years ago by expert beauty therapists and hair stylists.

Where cotton weaves crease, and causes wrinkles on the skin, Satin is perfectly smooth enabling the skin to stay younger looking for longer.

Hollywood beauties such as Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe all slept on Satin pillowcases. The denseness of Satin also prevents hair from getting caught in the fibres and being damaged.

Cancer patients can benefit greatly by sleeping on Satin pillowcases, as it is extremely smooth and there is no friction to cause damage to the hair roots.

Once you've tried it, you'll be a fan for sure! Available in white or cream. One size being standard pillowcase.

Given as a gift, your friends will love you forever!