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A PopSocket is a phone grip and phone stand accessory for your mobile devices that expands and collapses by way of an accordion mechanism. Add a single PopSocket, or a pair of PopSockets, to the back of almost any mobile device to transform its capabilities. PopSockets “pop” whenever you need a phone grip, a phone stand, a headset management system, or just something to play with.

How does it stick? PopTek is a thin sticky-gel pad that attaches PopSockets to most devices and cases. The pad is reusable, and leaves no sticky residue. If your PopTek pad gets dirty when detached, simply wash it with water and let it air dry to return its original stickiness. But don’t leave your PopSocket unattached to anything for days — if that happens, the adhesive will permanently dry out.

The PopSockets reusable adhesive forms bonds of various strength with different surfaces. Always test the strength of the bond with the surface before use.

PopSockets may be used as a supplemental aid to holding a device only when the device is otherwise securely supported. Using PopSockets as a primary support for your device may result in damage or injury due to the unexpected release of the PopTek from your device.