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Personalised Novelty Licence Plates

R 79.00

Personalised Kiddies License plates are the perfect accessory to any bicycle, scooter or pram - one can also used as a sign on a little one's bedroom door.  Another great idea is to make signs labeling toy boxes, cupboards and storage boxes e.g:  TOYS, CLOTHES, BOOKS etc

200mm wide x 70mm high. 

Please note that these plates are not to be used on vehicles as a substitute for legal license plates, they are purely for novelty use.   Please advise which picture you would like on the plate in addition to the name / name and numbers.


Choose from a whole range of pics available below:


        Cow                 Dinosaur

      Bear 1               Bear 2


     Ducky                  Ellie


        Fishy               Froggie


      Koala                Lion


     Monkey             Moon & Stars 


     Mouse                 Penguin


 Elegant Cat         Rocking Horse


       Sun                   Whale


        Boat                  Truck



       F1 Car               Ferrari


     Ginger Kitty         Flower


     Heart                 No Entry


  Smiley Face             Star


Soccer Ball           Tennis Ball


Rugby Ball            Surf Board

   Hockey                Crayons


Rainbow 1              Rainbow 2