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Bully-Proof by Gail Dore

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About the book: 

Every day, thousands of South African children go to school filled with terror because they know they’re going to be bullied. Children who are targeted by bullies are at enormous risk, yet many parents don’t know why it is happening to their child, or what to do about it. Bully-proof looks at every aspect of bullying, from name-calling, taunting and rumour-mongering to physical assault, and examines why and how bullies behave the way they do, and what can be done to help them  and their victims. The more we understand bullying behaviour, the better we can address the underlying causes and put effective controls in place.

Studies have shown that the ‘whole school’ approach, involving pupils, teachers and parents, is by far the most effective method of reducing incidents of bullying, as well as limiting the potential for future incidents. Implementing an effective anti-bullying campaign is not just  about changing the behaviour of a few maladjusted children; it is about changing the philosophy of the entire school. Using a step-by-step approach, this book provides educators, parents, counsellors and children with the tools they need to develop a successful anti-bullying programme.

Praise for Bully-Proof:
‘It’s a must-have for parents and teachers, equipping them with the tools to stop bullying.’ – Drum